At Lim Dental Practice we provide a range of treatments to suit your needs.


At the consultation we take time to listen to your concerns and problems so that we can offer the best advice to treat them. We will respect your wishes and no work will be carried out without a full explanation including cost and consequences or without your informed consent. Some xrays may be taken on this appointment.


Our Hygienist works with the dentists to promote optimum oral health.We ensure that any build up of plaque and tartar is removed to prevent gum disease and bad breath. The Hygienist will also show you how to maintain clean teeth as part of your daily routine. Brighten your smile with our stain removal methods or indulge in a teeth whitening treatment today.

Emergency appointments

If you experience pain, swelling, or trauma and require emergency treatment then please telephone the practice as soon as possible.
The dentist will endeavour to see you where there is capacity at the practice to assess and advise about the problem. Treatment may be started to relieve you from pain or a prescription may be issued if necessary.

We provide a variety of restorative and cosmetic treatment including:

Dental Services

  • Fillings - Amagam (metal), Composite (tooth coloured)

  • Inlays- Ceramic, Metal

  • Root Canal Treatment

  • Veneers - Ceramic

  • Bridges – Ceramic, Porcelain Bonded

  • Gum Treatment

  • Crowns – Ceramic, Porcelain Bonded to Metal, Metal

  • Dentures- Plastic, Metal

  • Extractions

Please contact us if you would like further information.

Patients are encouraged to have regular check ups to maintain their dental health. We believe early detection of problems are much simpler to treat and less costly.

Contact Lim Dental Practice for enhancing cosmetic dentistry that gives you the confidence you deserve.